Body Language

I have a question for you: What does the life you live say about the God you serve?

As you ponder your answer, let me elaborate.

The way we live our lives is the greatest testament to the God we serve. So often we focus more of our attention on what we say to others about God with our words, yet we fail to consider the power that exists in simply being who God designed us to be and operating the way God has called us to operate. The way we live our lives on a daily basis is our spiritual body language.

Body language is the strongest non-verbal communication tool we have. Often it speaks even louder than actual words. There are things we say with our expressions and posture that say more than anything we could ever say with our lips.

My facial expressions are notorious for speaking the truth my mouth won't utter. As a child I mostly got into trouble with my parents for the attitude I displayed via my expressions and body language. Rolled eyes and side eyes were my specialty and the cause of quite a few punishments.

I didn't have to utter a word for my parents to know I was irritated, agitated, and probably saying some unkind things about them in my head. Crossed arms, pursed lips, furrowed brows, and the few times I was bold enough to stomp around and slam a door said everything about how I felt. The same is true spiritually. People will be able to tell the truth about who you serve based upon the life you lead.

You can tell someone that you're a Christian, but if they see you gossiping about others behind their back and being selfish and stingy, the latter cancels out the former. You can say out of your mouth that God loves someone, but if their interactions with you are continuously negative, judgmental, and unloving they won't believe the God in you is a loving God. You can tell someone that you serve a great God, but if every single time they see you, you appear to be angry, down, or struggling, they are going to question the goodness of your God.

Your actions should bolster your witness, not detract from it. If you tell someone that God loves them, they should be able to feel His love through you. If you tell someone God is good, they should be able to see His goodness in you. When people look at you, they should see a reflection of God's gentleness, kindness, patience, and understanding. When people engage with you they should walk away feeling empowered and encouraged. When people watch you from afar, it should be clearly evident, not questionable, who you serve.

No one is going to care about the words coming out of your mouth if those words don't align with the way you live your life. So what does the way you live your life say about the God you serve?

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