Under Construction

First, let me start by saying I love when God gives spiritual revelation to natural situations! Also, this is quite a long post, so prepare yourself.

For the last 2.5 months, I have been living in disarray. Around the first week of December (yes, December), we discovered a leak…well at first, we didn’t even know it was a leak. Rather, we discovered water pooling in the entryway of the main bathroom.

We have one of those home plans where we pay a monthly fee and in the event of some sort of plumbing issue or another home issue, we have an allocated amount of work that will be covered/repaired before we must pay out of pocket. So, when this issue was first discovered we assumed it would be a quick plumbing fix and we’d be back to our normal lives. Three weeks into December we had had 6 plumbers come in our home and because of either laziness or inexperience, they failed to uncover the leak. So that was three weeks of continual water leaking behind our walls, cabinets, and under our flooring.

Here’s a fun fact about how our home is designed- Our main bathroom shares a wall with our kitchen, and our kitchen shares a wall with our laundry room. So that leak that went unfound and unfixed for 3 weeks impacted our laundry room, kitchen, and main bathroom. By the time the 7th plumber came in (remember this number because it means something), found the leak (in under 10 minutes) and fixed the leak (in under 5 minutes) our floors, lower cabinets, and lower drywall in all three rooms had been destroyed.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when the rebuild finally began after two months of living in complete disarray. We now have all of our flooring installed, our drywall replaced and repainted, our cabinets and countertops installed, and everything that has been stored in our garage for two months now back in its proper place in cabinets and/or drawers.

The months before the rebuild were rough, to say the least. Apparently, I live in the ideal world of HGTV where renovations are completed in the span of an hour, not weeks or months. The entire process from start to finish was long. Once everything had been ripped up and out, our home was exposed, raw, and downright ugly. We then had to have our home treated for mold in those areas where the water had leaked for weeks. There were bleach scrub downs and huge fans to dry everything out- it was loud and didn’t smell too pleasant. Not having cabinets or countertops, having no place to store things, having no space to cook, having to wash dishes in the tub- It was all very inconvenient. There were so many moments during this process that I was impatient, annoyed, irritated, and ultimately, I just wanted this to hurry up and be complete.

Now here’s the exciting part guys- The Revelation!

The 2-inch leak that dripped for weeks and caused all that damage, that represents those areas of our lives we haven’t turned over to God. For you, that leak might be your ego and pride. Maybe that leak is your attitude. Maybe that leak is unforgiveness and bitterness. Or maybe that leak is past hurts and trauma you’ve experienced. When we fail to submit that stuff to God, it just quietly and slowly drips day after day. At first, it’s not that noticeable, but over time it starts to seep out and cause problems. It appears that almost overnight we are depressed, or discontent, or bitter, or anxious, or lonely, but the reality is it’s been brewing under the surface for a while. There were signs, but we were either too immature to notice them or we just plain ignored them because we were not ready to face them.

Now those 6 plumbers that came in before and didn’t find or fix the leak, they too have meaning. They represent our decision to either try to manage our issues ourselves or to go to others for help, rather than God. We try to find our own solution. We try to manufacture our own miracle. We try to solve our own problem. Or we try to make other people responsible for fixing us. We think that man will heal the hurt in our hearts. We think that job will give us a purpose or self-worth. We think that degree will make us feel better about ourselves. Ultimately, we discover that none of these things or people are God, so even with the best of efforts they cannot solve our problems or heal the pains of our past.

Naturally, that 7th plumber (7 is the biblical number of completion) who in a matter of minutes came in, found and fixed the leak- He represents God. God is the master. He knows you inside and out because He made you. Once you call on God and give Him access to everything, He can identify the leak and repair it. He’s not going to just treat the symptoms, he’s going to go to the root and dig it out. There is no issue too big for Him to address. There is no leak too messy for Him to attend to. He loves us unconditionally and wants nothing more than to come in, tear down our walls, and rebuild our lives fo His glory.

Remember how I described the process as long, ugly, annoying and inconvenient? Well, that’s the perfect description of what it’s like when God begins to work in our hearts and minds. God is going to tear down some walls and uproot some things. He’s going to scrub some things clean and air some things out. When He’s finished, you will be raw and exposed. It won’t look pretty, and it won’t feel comfortable. But it’s when we are in that state of raw vulnerability where everything is laid out before God that He can truly transform us from the inside out.

Once all that is damaged has been removed, God can begin the rebuild. So often we want this process to be quick and simple, not realizing how precise and intentional God is being in renewing us. He’s not going to rush the process and we shouldn’t want Him to. God isn’t interested in just making us look better, God wants us to actually be better. He wants us to grow, mature, and cultivate some things that will help us thrive at the next level He wants to take us to. So God is going to methodically and precisely work in us and on us until the work is done.

Oh, but when the process is complete you will have something way better than what you started off with. The cheap and admittedly ugly laminate floors we once had are now replaced with wood laminate. The new cabinets are larger, sturdier, and visually more appealing. We have more storage space than we once had. Our counters look better and offer more room. Our sinks are deeper, more functional, and more modern. EVERYTHING IS BETTER!

That is what God does with us too. He doesn’t restore us to the same condition we were in, He restores us to something better than before. You are not just going to look better, you are going to function better. You are not just going to feel better and you are going to be better.

The timing of this home overhaul was no coincidence. God used a natural renovation to enlighten me about the supernatural renovation He was doing inside of me. As much work as God has already done in my life, there were still some small leaks of insecurity and loneliness that God had to fix. He orchestrated circumstances in my life that exposed those leaks, and after some resistance, I decided to give God an all-access pass to my heart.

Ironically, though all of the reno work in my home is complete, it seems that there is still a small leak under both sinks. Don’t worry, the plumber has been called and someone is being sent out to repair the leaks asap. But this is kind of where I am in my spiritual renovation too. God exposed and removed all the ugly stuff, repaired and restored everything, and now He’s fine-tuning me so I don’t ruin all His handiwork. But guess what? The fact that I am still ‘under construction’ doesn’t invalidate any of the work God has already done. There’s a quote I love that says ” You can be both a masterpiece and a work in progress.” That’s the perfect description of what it’s like to walk with God. As one area of our life is transformed into a masterpiece, God is breaking down and exposing another area that needs work.

So don’t fret if your life looks a little unfinished. God, the master builder is at work and when He is finished you won’t even recognize the new being He has transformed you into.

Love Y’all!

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